iPad Interface and Court Records

iPad’s are working flawlessly in the Court and Office setting. I’ve attached screen shots below for for the benefit of any body that uses the local system.

Our Circuit Court allows remote access to Court files for attorneys to the cases they are attorney of record on. Our office case management system is basically a website we host on our intranet, allowing any device with a browser to access and open case files.

The iPad works great for those functions, allowing me to open any active or closed case in the last 10 years, view the documents in those case files, and even play the audio and look at any photos contained in them. All of the screenshots below are directly from the iPad’s interface.  Click any picture to open it in the native iPad resolution.

Landscape Screen:

Portrait Screen:

This is the main login to our case and file management system, elegal Casepro. From here, attorneys and staff can log in and view any document we have in a particular case file.

After login with the iPad keyboard, you can then search for cases based on a number of different criteria.

A search reveals the cases within the range/search terms you are looking for, then you can select the case you are looking for.

After selecting the specific case, you can view every document in the individual file. Most are pdf files, .doc files, or audio/video recordings.

Clicking on a link to a document allows the user to open each document in the file as new window, each accessible by clicking the individual link in the Safaril browser.

You can pinch and zoom in on any document to examine it closer.

Audio recordings contained in the files play perfectly within the Safari browser.

With GoodReader I’m able to browse both DropBox and any Network Attached Storage device in our office.

The Circuit Court records are easily accessible with Safari browser also.

Presentations are easy to create on the go with Keynote.

Virginia Code through the Safari browser.

Lexis legal research.

Easy dictation with Dragon Dictate.

Please feel free to stop by the office if you have questions or want to see a demonstration. I’ve been able to get approximately 11 hours of battery life with the iPad, so a full day of Court is no problem.

For accessing and viewing Court and Office files, I’ve yet to use anything that does it cheaper and more efficiently that the iPad. I can carry around years worth of work to Court, conduct legal research, and even sign documents right on the device. It easily outperforms any tablet pc we’ve used in the past, especially in the battery life category. It is definitely going to change the way attorneys do business.

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